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      Elderflower health benefits

      From ancient times the elder tree has been invested with magical properties to protect and aid long life. It is a medicine chest on its own. The elderflower is most commonly used to treat colds, hayfever and other chest diseases.but the leaves (sprains and bruises) and the berries (rheumatism) are also used by herbalists

      Elderflower can be used to treat:

      Colds and flu




      Catarrhal deafness


      Topically it is used to:

      Soften and soothe the skin

      Heal burns, cuts and sctratches

      Side effects and contraindications

      Elderflower is generally considered quite safe but because of its possible diuretic effects, use caution if taking with drugs that increase urination.

      Active Compounds:  

      Elderflower contains flavonoids including rutin, isoquercitrineand kamperol: the hydrocyanic glycoside sambunigrine;tannins, essential oil

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organic elderflower tincture can help with hayfever, sinusitis and catarrh







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