About Us

Organic CBD Oil

Formed in 2008, Organic Herbal Remedies Ltd is the UK's leading website for Soil Association certified organic tinctures, dried herbs, superfoods and balms. Our main website can be found at www.organic-herbal-remedies.co.uk  We believe strongly that herbs can bring real health benefits taking a more gentle approach than pharmaceutical drugs.

Now we have added Organic CBD oils to our range and have created this website to help sell them. All the products we sell on this website will be 100% organic. That's important! At the same time as the extraction process concentrates CBD (cannibidiol) it has the potential to concentrate any herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilisers used in conventional farming. We are only selling CBD oils on this website where we are 100% confident of their organic certification and quality manufacturing processes.

We don't sell products for inhalation see our FAQs page to find out why.

The Directors of Organic Herbal Remedies are Drew and Ana Durning

Ana Durning is a qualified herbalist and naturopath. Ana provides our "organic herbalist" advice line by email only and usually responds to email requests for advice within a few days. For complex issues, that require a face-to-face consultation, use this link to find a herbalist near you