BioBloom Organic CBD-CBDA Hemp Drops 6% 30ml

Brand: BioBloom

CBD/CBDa Hemp Drops 6% - Total CBD/CBDa 1728mg

BioBloom Natural 6 30ml

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BioBloom take organic hemp farming and oil production very seriously and run what they describe as a "seed to seal" operation where they control every step of the process from planting the seed to sealing the finished product that you buy.

Hemp plants used to make BioBloom products are harvested and processed by hand.

BioBloom uses CO2 supercritical extraction: This exceptionally gentle method of extraction ensures that the entire natural wealth of cannabidiolic acids, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids remains intact.

Nutritional Values per 30ml:
CBD/CBDa = 1728mg.
Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil 27072mg
Energy 773 KJ / 178 kcal
Omega-6 – 1733mg
Omega-3 450mg
Vitamin E – 34mg BioBloom organic CBD hemp oil

Organic Certification: Austria Bio Garantie 
The organic certification is verified in the UK by the Biodynamic Association

Organic Herbal Remedies Ltd is a retail member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK. The Association ensure that member businesses trade legally and ethically in the Hemp and CBD market. The CBD products we sell are classed as food supplements with only trace quantities ie less than 0.2% or zero THC (the psychoactive element) and are legal for sale in the UK.